Arts Every Day’s 10×10 Exhibit

Arts Every Day’s Annual 10×10 Exhibit where youth can freely express how their city, families, and neighborhoods shape who they are. Every year, students and teachers from Baltimore City Public Schools are invited to create 10 inch by 10 inch artworks that celebrate themes of identity, heritage, and culture. Each year, the 10×10 Exhibit is inspired by a culturally relevant artist that has ties to Maryland or Baltimore city.

2018 Exhibit: Inspired by Jacob Lawrence and Dr. Joan Gaither, Curated by Gary Mullen

10x10 Exhibit 2018

2017 Exhibit: Inspired and Curated by Stephen Towns

2017 10 x 10 Exhibit

Baltimore Rising: Youth Art

Arts Every Day partnered with the Maryland Institute College of Art to present Baltimore Rising: Youth Art, an opportunity for youth to create art work or performances that respond to the events leading up to, during, and after the Baltimore Rising in 2015.

The Baltimore Rising Exhibition was produced by the Maryland Institute College of Art and brought together 15 artists with significant ties to Baltimore to address the social, economic, political and racial issues that propelled the city to the national spotlight in 2015. Learn more about the artists and the exhibition here.

Inspired by the exhibit, a group of educators created a useful resource that connects contemporary art addressing social justice themes to the classroom. The resulting lesson plans can be used in classrooms, after school programs, and art making events for youth in Baltimore and beyond. It is not required to be a part of a educational setting or to follow a lesson plan to submit work. View the lesson plans here.

Baltimore Rising: Youth Art

Annual Arts Integration Exhibit

Every spring, Arts Every Day’s annual exhibit showcases how Arts Every Day school teachers integrate visual arts, music, dance, theater, and media across grade levels and subject matter such as Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. The exhibition is held at the Walters Art Museum.

2017 Arts Integration Exhibit at the Walters