Arts Every Day believes in the power of art to build community, provide an avenue for youth expression, and introduce new lessons and concepts in the classroom.  The 10×10 exhibit is one of the many ways we uphold this mission.

Must be current Baltimore City Public Schools teacher, student, or organization working with BCPSS students to participate.


The Impact Fund is the only grant exclusively for Baltimore City Public Schools to create large scale arts projects with the intention of supporting large scale permanently installed projects that connect individual schools to local artists and their surrounding community. Since the start of the program in 2014, with support from Point Breeze Credit Union, the initiative has grown from supporting one to two projects per year to a competitive funding opportunity open to all Baltimore City Public Schools. Thanks to the support of Department of Housing and Community Development Tax Credit program and the growing support of foundations, corporations and individuals, the Impact Fund will support four projects in 2019.



The Arts Challenge Fund was launched in 2018 through a 4-year funding commitment from MECU and is designed to incentivize Baltimore City Public Schools principals to expand and sustain arts instruction through certified arts educators.  In its first year, School Year 2018-19, the Arts Challenge Fund awarded $30,000 to support purchase and repair of supplies, instruments, and arts equipment reaching 10,335 students across 32 schools.