Arts Every Day partners with Baltimore City Public Schools to seek to build and sustain a creative learning culture in high-need schools throughout Baltimore City. We work to empower educators as leaders within their school communities. We invest in the youth of Baltimore by creating a bridge between Baltimore City classrooms and the stage, the maker space, the studio, and the museum.

Arts Every Day is a driving force in building and sustaining a Baltimore City that values public education through creativity, art, and culture. We help our City’s teachers introduce arts-based learning in the classroom, a proven effective method of engaging students and enabling them to learn, no matter what the subject. Called Arts Integration, this innovative approach to cross-curricular study draws connections between art and other classroom subjects, including English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math, and/or other areas of the Pre-K–12 curriculum.

We know from national research that long-term engagement in the arts has a profound impact on a student’s academic and social success. That’s why we provide educator training, strategies for weaving arts across the curriculum, and funding to support arts programs for students.

It is our mission and work to ensure Baltimore City students see themselves as part of the cultural ecosystem of artists, organizations, and cultural organizations. Not only are Baltimore City School students the artists and patrons of tomorrow, they are the leaders and decision makers upon which our City’s future depend.

Arts Every Day believes that all children in Baltimore City should have access to inspired teaching and creative learning through the arts.