The Baltimore Arts Education Coalition

Arts Every Day is a founding member of the Baltimore Arts Education Coalition, an emerging group of in- and out-of-school arts practitioners, educators, and arts non-profits advocating for equitable access to arts education for all students in Baltimore City. Our coalition consists of local artists, students, parents, educators and allies in Baltimore.

Arts Education Coalition Goals

  1. Work with the district to ensure every school has a sequential visual arts, music, dance, and theater specialist on staff, district-wide.
  2. Ensure student access to the arts and cultural community by requiring all schools to provide a base minimum of programming from a menu of experiences every year for every child.
  3. Improve the coordination, process, and marketing for in and out school partners to communicate with schools
  4. Engage partners in providing Professional Development for teachers and principals.
  5. Collect and publicly release data on student access to the arts. Data will inform strategy, coordination and developing programs that best serve the entire district.

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