Start Making Jumpropes! Here's a video recording and accompanying slides from Jumprope and Arts Every Day!

View a spreadsheet to share your art project Jumpropes using household items!

Frequently Asked Questions About Jumprope:

Can I download app on my phone android but not on my Chromebook at home?

Currently Jumprope is only a mobile app and can be used to create on a phone or tablet and viewed on a computer.

Can you record longer than 3secs of audio for the voice over?

Yes, you can record for the length of your video is in that specific step. Up to 60 seconds per card.

Can the uploaded “product” be a handout?

Yes, we’ve linked to a Google Doc set to public to be used as a downloadable.

Does “Jumprope” have a resource guide to reiterate / simplify all the steps?

Jumprope has created exemplar Jumpropes to explain the steps linked here (

Can we upload our own music?

You can record your own music in each of the steps but you cannot upload your own music to play over the entire Jumprope video. Jumprope can created music that can be selected to play the duration of your Jumprope video.

How does it send or get attached to share on Google classroom or other places?

Jumprope has links to all social platforms and can be downloaded as an MP4 to be embedded wherever you’d like!

Can I record video in landscape?

All recording is set to the specific format set by Jumprope.

I’m guessing no PDFs correct?

At this time, Jumprope cannot be downloaded as a PDF.

When you are publishing, are you publishing to the Jumprope library, visible to all,for all to use, or can you save to your own device?

It is published to the entire Jumprope library but you can download the MP4 to your device and delete the original off of your page if you are worried about privacy issues.

Can I create multiple accounts through the app? ie. one that might be for personal use, one for my job?

Yes! This is a common practice in Jumprope.

How can we link to an organizational account from individual accounts?

At this time, Jumprope can’t link a Jumprope video to multiple accounts. We recommend asking contributors to upload their completed Jumprope to an organization’s Youtube page or other social platform to create a repository from multiple creators.

Could you explain how you’re going to expand Jumprope from a tool to a platform?

Right now the platform is being built out as more creators contribute to Jumprope.

Would you recommend making one for an organization and then have teachers log in to create their videos?

Only if creators are logging in one at a time. Otherwise we recommend uploading multiple contributors Jumpropes to the organization’s social platform.

Just to make sure, a maker can still have the video on their personal jumprope account, while a duplicate of that video can be placed on an organization account as well- is that correct?

Unfortunately, no. If an organization asks Jumprope to move a video from a creator’s account to an organizational account there will only be one video and the creator will lose access to their video. That is why we recommend uploading the video to the organization’s social platform.